Welcome to the Marseille public college for artistics studies (INSEAMM). Since March 2020, it brings together Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille and the Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet. To continue directly to the conservatoire click here (website under construction)



Entrance to the ESADMM:

Application to the school can be made at the beginning or in the middle of the cursus. The Equivalency Admission Board is for applicants who have already followed an art curriculum for two years in an art school or have obtained at least 120 credits.

Non-French applicants must present satisfactory comprehension and writing level in the French language. The minimum required to enter the first year is the TCF (test of French knowledge) with a B1 level. The B2 level must be obtained before entry in 3rd year.

Foreign candidates who possess a French language diploma (DELF) are not required to present the TCF. All information relative to dates, registration and examination center contacts in France and abroad are indicated on the following internet address: www.ciep.fr/tcf/tcf.php

Entrance examination:

Admission to first year is possible only by an entrance examination. Two sessions are organized each year: in March and September. An application form must be completed to enroll for the examination, which you can access on the School’s website (www.esadmm.fr) or you can see the pedagogy secretary. Candidates who have done the March session are not able to apply for the September session.

Registration requirements for the entrance exam

The entrance examination is open to applicants who have a Baccalaureate diploma, a diploma permitting university studies (DAEU), a technical certificate, professional orientation Baccalaureate, or are in the last year of high school studies (enrollment at the ESADMM will be definitive only after obtaining the Baccalaureate), or an equivalent diploma for foreign students. Students must be at least 16 (on December 31).

Derogations can be exceptionally granted to candidates who don’t have a Baccalaureate, but who are at least 21, which enables them to take the March entrance examination only.

The derogation committee, composed of the Art and Pedagogy Director of the school, the Research Studies Supervisor and two teachers chosen by the Art and Pedagogic Director, meet each year one month before the entrance examination.

This committee reviews the derogation files (CV and letter of motivation) and answers the application in time for the entrance examination, the applicant is informed by post.

Campus France

For all the foreign students who would like to enter in Superior Design & Art School, you can read all the informations concerning Campus France Programm on this website