Welcome to the Marseille public college for artistics studies (INSEAMM). Since March 2020, it brings together Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille and the Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet. To continue directly to the conservatoire click here (website under construction)



The education’s primary objective is to give students an art and intellectual education, enabling them to develop an art career.


This major is an open door to understanding the contemporary art scene, by mixing theoretical and technical approaches, which enrich the student’s art exploration.

These transversal forms of education build up inventive attitudes that diverge from normative visions of art. Philosophy, Art History and Critical Analysis offer new perspectives capable of enhancing intuitions and artistic acts, which enable the student to place his/her work in the heart of contemporary creation. The training is general, all the domains of fine and visual arts are taught.

Since 2013-2014, digital processes have been proposed to students in second year within the Art major. At the start of the second year, Art majors can choose to enroll in this program also carried out in an interdisciplinary way by the teachers.