Welcome to the Marseille public college for artistics studies (INSEAMM). Since March 2020, it brings together Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille and the Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet. To continue directly to the conservatoire click here (website under construction)



The Beaux-Arts de Marseille opened a digital processes course within the Art major, which unites redefined disciplines taught at the school (still and images in space, sound, the question of the film), as well as undeveloped fields (animation, digital art, generative art, interactive art, trans-medias…). This digital processes course was opened in light of the creation of the LoAD Studio (cf. pg. 63)

This course is intended to follow the student’s research on issues specific to digital processes in art. It goes a lot deeper, in an open and interdisciplinary way, than the “digital art” field alone. The lessons are given by a team of professors from the school, but also with professionals from outside the school to open multiple experimentations: sound, animation, digital and generative art, digital counter-culture, painting and imaging, cinema and video…

A series of seminars and conferences offer deeper thinking on the way digital art processes shake up established art hierarchies. The course begins in the 2nd year with specialized lessons and evaluation led by a teaching team.

For students from years 3 to 5 who would like to benefit from these lessons, a course is available in place of “territories” for 3rd-year-students, and in an ARC for 4th and 5th-year-students.