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Galerie Éclair de Furie, appel à projets 2013, dessin
  • Art

  • 2013

Sigurður Atli SIGURÐSSON

Entretien avec l’artiste pendant un concert de rock (extrait)

Interviewer : I have to confess that I’ve never actually seen your work ! I’ve only experienced it through storytelling or rumor !

Sigurður Atli : I can’t really hear what you’re saying !… but that’s great you’ve never seen my work, that still you know it !

Interviewer : For instance I heard that for an exhibition you dialed a random number and invited that person to…

Sigurður Atli : Sorry ! I can’t hear, can you repeat !?

Interviewer : I heard that you dialed a random number and funded a trip for the person that answered to attend your exhibition with everything included ?

Sigurður Atli : It was The Dieter Roth Academy that funded that experiment or work or whatever you like to call it ! The idea had to do with Dieters views on art, how he liked to involve everyone around him in the actual artwork ! This corresponds with my view on art, as I said in an earlier interview « life is more art than… »

Interviewer : What !?

Sigurður Atli : I said « life is more art than art is art », totally over the top, but isn’t everything infinitely complex anyways ! ?

Interviwer : I didn’t understand ! I really can’t…

Sigurður Atli : Anyways, Filiou also said « art is what makes life more interesting than art » you know ? ! That artworks like the one you mentioned stay in the realm of the ephemeral, it’s like how Jonathan Messe describes art as a total force driving the world, larger than religion and politics ! I like to see art as a form of religion, or actually rather as faith, because religion is a system while faith can be something completely ephemeral existing only as an idea or belief ! Just as you said about you hearing about my work through storytelling ! Maybe the art world is religion while art is faith !

Komplikations (band from Liège ) : Defect, I’m a defect ! Defect defect, I have a defect !