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Lou Reed, Metal Machine Music (The Amine β Ring. An electronic instrumental composition)

11/26/19 13:00 - 11/26/19 13:30

sur une proposition de Pierre-Laurent Cassière
Not So Quiet, Please #24

Lou Reed
Metal Machine Music (The Amine β Ring – An electronic instrumental composition)

(RCA, 2xLP, 1975, durée : 64’04 »)

« When I started the Velvet Underground (…) my concern was not (…) lyrical, verbally oriented at heart (…), the exploration of various ‘taboo’ subjects, drug, sex, violence, passion –REALISM–realism was the key. (…) This record is not for parties/dancing/background, romance.

This is what I meant by “real” rock, about “real” things. No one I know has listened to it all the way through including myself. It is not meant to be. Start any place you like. (…) It’s the only recorded work I know of seriously done as well as possible as a gift, if one could call it that, from a part of certain head, to a few others. Most of you won’t like this, and I don’t blame you at all. It’s not meant for you. »

Lou Reed, extrait des notes de pochette.

Not So Quiet, Please est un cycle d’écoute proposé tous les mardis de semaine A à 13h00 au LoAD, initié par Pierre-Laurent Cassière et Maxime Guitton.